楊珺 Poki Yang


Lead Instructor




​​Ms. Yang graduated from the Art College of Guangzhou University and won the Bronze Award for Children's Art Golden Dragon Cup. Other awards include First Place at The Guangzhou City Sketch Competition, First Place in Sketching, Color, and Comics Competition held on campus, Bronze Award for Children's Wear Design Excellence Award, Jeanswest Fashion Design Excellence Award, Poco Electronic Magazine Production Award, and so on. Ms. Yang was the art director for Universal Unit, a book on architectural design, authored by Dr. Zai Yuan Zhang, Architecture Department Dean at Wuhan University, China. The book is archived in multiple libraries in China because of its significant contribution in the architectural field. Ms. Yang is proficient in multiple design softwares such as Photoshop and CorelDraw. 


Ms. Yang teaches various skills in sketching, coloring and painting, while nurturing the students' creativity, imagination and talent.


Ms. Yang can be contacted directly via wechat; user ID MCpoki. She is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

顏麗珊 Lisa Ngan


Administrator and Instructor

Miss Lisa 是一位自學成才的藝術家。她喜歡使用丙烯酸,水彩蠟筆,水彩,墨水和Photoshop等。她相信藝術家永遠在學習和發展,每天她都迫不及待地想看看她接下來會創作什麼。


最近,除了教小朋友美術,她還從事插圖項目和平面設計。你可以在Instagram上關注她的藝術日誌;在那裡她分享她的作品。她還有一個YouTube頻道,在那裡她分享她的藝術創作過程的影片。 直接聯繫Miss Lisa的最佳方式是通過電子郵件或微信。她會說普通話,粵語和英語。

Miss Lisa is a self-taught artist. She loves to work with a variety of mediums, including acrylics, watercolor crayons, watercolor, ink and Photoshop.  She believes an artist is forever learning and evolving, and everyday she can't wait to see what she can create next.


Lately, besides teaching art to little kids and assisting Ms. Yang, she is working on painting, illustration and graphic design projects.  You can follow her art journal on instagram, where she posts both her work-in-progress and finished pieces. She has 2 Youtube channels; one where she provides a sneak peek of her art process. The other Youtube channel, "Let's Draw", consists of step-by-step drawing instructions for children and adults alike.

The best way to contact Miss Lisa directly is by email or wechat. She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

YouTube "Let's Draw": LINK HERE

YouTube (Process videos): @lisanganart

Instagram: @lisanganart


Wechat: lilyann88

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