• Miss Lisa

SEPTEMBER 2019 Elementary School Art Contest Result

Congratulations to the following winners! Please see winning artworks posted below.

Group A (K & 1st Grade)

1st Place: Maya Guo

2nd Place: Celena Rochelle

3rd Place: Jeremy Shu

Group B (2nd & 3rd Grade)

1st Place: Kevin Le

2nd Place: Sofia Ou

3rd Place: Mia Zhang

Group C (4th & 5th Grade)

Jerry Chen*

(*Jerry Chen was the only participant in Group C. He will have the choice of one of the prizes. Although he had no competition, his artwork was beautifully done and deserves our applause nonetheless!)

Prizes are as listed on the art contest guideline page. We will contact all the winners above regarding the prizes by email.

We will also contact all parents regarding the gifts for participating.

Please let Miss Lisa know if you don’t receive an email by Monday Oct 7.

Thank you all for joining in the fun! Great job, everyone!


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