• Miss Lisa

A Perfect Face Painting Weekend at Tysons Corner Mall!

Thank you everyone for coming out to see us! We were overjoyed to see all the adorable children, and we hope we have made them happy with our doodling! We had a lovely crowd; there was hardly any break and we painted for more than 4 hours straight each day. We were tired but very pleased to have shared our passion for art. Thank you Mr. Bobby Ly for the amazing arrangement; we could not ask for a better table at the venue! Thanks to our dear friends Sophia, Jenny, Sue and their family for coming by to support us and to bring us coffee and food, and helping us clean up, answer client's questions, and thanks to all of our kids for handing out flyers, small gifts and tattoos!

(Note: We do not post client's faces on social media or our website without their consent. The parents or children posted here gave us the permission to post and we are very grateful.)


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