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 Art Contest

Our September 2019 Art Contest is over; please visit our BLOGPOST to see the winning artworks.

A BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors and

thank you all for participating. Great job everyone!

Stay tuned for our next Art Contest!

贊助商   Sponsors

大富豪餐廳 Good Fortune Cafe


Sushi Oishii




​夢馬攝影 Unicorn Photography




截稿日期:9-30-19 午夜十二點(美東時間)

比賽分三組 (以2019年九月份開課時的年級為準):

                         A組: K - 1年級

                         B組: 2 - 3年級

                         C組: 4 - 5年級


第一名: 價值$60 禮品 (GoLiveTV/Sun TV 免費收看100多個中文電視台一年)

第二名: 價值$50 禮品 (夢馬兒童攝影親子照免費拍一組,赠底片)

第三名: $25 現金劵 (Sushi Oishii) 



  • 大富豪餐廳提供就餐8折優惠

  • 夢馬攝影$30拍攝30張親子照,贈9張底片


1.所有參賽作品必須在2019年9月30日(美東時間)午夜之前提交,参赛作品请拍照成为JPG或PNG文件发送至Miss Lisa (lisanganart@gmail.com)


2.電子郵件的題目及文件名為 “Art Contest+学生姓名+组别“。



               學生姓名: ___




               聯繫電話: ___


               電郵地址:___(訂閱電子通訊,獲取最新  消息和優惠,                                                                                                   免费课,美術貼士等资讯)

5. 我們收到作品後將發出確認收據的電子郵件。如果您在48小時內未收到回覆,請與Miss Lisa聯繫。








*大賽評委:SUN TV董事长、夢馬藝繪坊導師、助商等。









Miss Lisa電郵:lisanganart@gmail.com

Elementary School 

Art Contest

Theme: My Dream

Deadline for submissions: 9-30-19 Midnight EST

The contest is open to boys and girls in three groups, who are entering these grades in Fall 2019: 

Group A: Grades K - 1

Group B: Grades 2 - 3

Group C: Grades 4 - 5 


1st Place: $60 value gift (1 year subscription to GoLiveTV/SunTV, which includes more than 100 Chinese TV channels)

2nd Place: $50 value gift (Unicorn Photography Family Portrait Session. Free digital copies.)

3rd Place: $25 cash coupon (Sushi Oishii)

Each contestant will receive the following gifts:

  • Good Fortune Cafe 20% off coupon

  • Unicorn Photography Special Offer: $30 Family Portrait session (client chooses 9 digital copies out of 30 shots)


All entries must be emailed to Miss Lisa at lisanganart@gmail.com by Midnight EST Sept 30, 2019 to be considered. Files should be saved as JPEG or PNG format.

The subject line of the email should read "Art Contest,Student Name, Group". The file name should be the same. 


In the body of the email, please include the following information:

Student's Name: ___

Student's Grade (in Fall 2019)___

Student's Age: ___

Parent(s) Name(s): ___

Contact phone number: ___

Address: ___ 

Email: ___(If you would like to subscribe to our E-Newsletter to receive special offers and free art tips)                        

An email acknowledging receipt will be sent out. If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, feel free to check back with Miss Lisa. 


*There is no fee to enter the contest. 

*Each contestant may submit only one entry.

*The contest is open to all children (going on to) Kindergarten to 5th grade (in fall 2019). 


*The artwork may be created in any medium or form, but it must be the contestant's original creation and pertain to the theme.   No copying or tracing will be accepted. If the contestant chooses to create a 3D art piece, clear photos of the piece should be submitted.    

*Judges: Ms. Yang, Miss Lisa and guest judges. 

*By participating in the contest, the contestant and his/her parents agree to having the submitted artwork possibly featured on the Unicorn Art Website, social media and in promotional materials. 


*The Winners will be announced by September 5, 2019 via Wechat Unicorn Art Subscription, our E-newsletter and on our website. (www.unicornart.us)

*Unicorn Art reserves the right to final decisions regarding contest rules and regulations. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Ms Yang via Wechat: MCPoki

Miss Lisa via Email: lisanganart@gmail.com

Happy creating!